The Enchanted Elementals

The Enchanted Elementals are drawings that are created by Robin Carlton. Each Enchanted Elemental has a name, an essence, as well as a message. Sometimes they are faces, other times they are flowers, trees have often appeared as have leaves and other things associated with Nature. The Enchanted Elementals are fueled by the elements of air, water, fire, and earth. Another key element of the Enchanted Elementals is Robin.

Robin creates each drawing by using a special process of going within and tapping into her imagination and intuition, which brings about an Enchanted Elemental. Robin never really knows which one wants to show up. Sometimes she'll sit down to draw when she feels one calling out to her. Often times this happens while Robin is experiencing or is about to experience the essence that comes forth. When a calling comes it is usually a feeling that she gets. The Enchanted Elemental have also been known to pop around in Robin's head begging to be brought in to the material world. Robin can also summon an Enchanted Elemental that is for a specific person. Learn more about these custom drawings here.

Robin currently uses colored pencils, chalk, and markers to create the Enchanted Elementals. They are typically drawn on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. She also draws them on wood.  This is a unique piece of art that can be used as wall hangings and when they're small enough, pendants.

So let's talk about how the Enchanted Elementals work with people.  As we said earlier, the Enchanted Elementals represent all of the elements that come together as a drawing. They are full of symbolic meaning that offer guidance, inspiration and empowerment to those who choose to engage with them. Robin considers them to be guides.  

A guide is one that connects deeply with you to help you navigate what shows up in your life;  in relationships, careers, health, personal development, and self-care. The Enchanted Elementals will be an awareness to you that you may not have realized without them. 

The Enchanted Elementals bring:

  • Support 
  • Understanding
  • Guidance 
  • Self-reflection
  • Insight
  • Confirmation
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • and so much more! 

The Enchanted Elementals empower us to make changes and support both our inner dialogue and our interactions with others to bring about a more conscious response to life. They hold profound realizations of truth that apply to everyday life. 

The Enchanted Elementals are portals to the imagination and help us think differently about ourselves and our situations, and guide us to act in new ways. They empower us to make new decisions and to take creative actions. 

Working with the Enchanted Elementals is a unique process of self-discovery to help us follow our intuitive promptings and to encourage us to use our imagination to explore possibilities, paths, and life in general.

The Enchanted Elementals can also expand our sensitivity to inner resources and to uncover deep understanding of the issues we encounter.

Robin considers her work with the Enchanted Elementals as living an Enchanted Life. Anyone who chooses to work with the Enchanted Elementals will know what an Enchanted Life feels like. The more you work with them, the more enchanted your life becomes. 

The name Enchanted Elementals was carefully chosen based on the meaning of the words as they reflect the true essence of the work.


to delight to a high degree


great forces of nature, as in power or magnitude

Here's to an Enchanted Life!