Get Your 2018 Word of the Year

Let the Enchanted Elementals be your compass to create more of what you want this year.

What is a Word of the Year

A word of the year is a compass, it's a guiding principle that will help you to make decisions, create awesome stuff, manage your relationships, and help you to create a life you desire most.

Why Get a Word of the Year

You may have seen people talking about their word of the year on social media or in blogs. They are talking about it because it is such an amazing way to focus your energy on the essence within you that will help you navigate life throughout the year. 

Receiving your Word of the Year from the Enchanted Elementals can be used as an affirmation or an intention. Having an Enchanted Elemental word takes you to a whole new place when you use it to make decisions, manage your relationships, career, or business. You'll start to notice small shifts as you use the your Enchanted Word.  

Using Your Word of the Year 

Once you receive your Word of the Year you'll want to invite the energy of the Word to guide you.  You'll want to engage with it and take actions based on it. This can be as simple as keeping it top of mind as you navigate your daily activities.  The benefit of having the Enchanted Elemental Card to work with, is that a whole new world can open for you.  You will begin to explore your inner landscape with the assistance of a picture that contains beautiful symbolism to guide you, challenge you, and help you to develop your intuitive muscles.  


How Does it Work?

This unique offering includes your special Word, a message that goes with the Word, and an Enchanted Elemental Card. The Enchanted Elementals represent a specific essence, which is your Word of the year. When you get your Word for the Year, I'll go through a special process of tuning in and connecting with you. I'll choose one card that will best support you in 2018. Whether you are looking for validation for the year ahead, or you'd like clarity on where to focus, or you want a companion to guide you, an Enchanted Elemental Word of the year is the perfect tool for you.

Who Are the Enchanted Elementals?

It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words and it's true! The Enchanted Elementals are pictures that contain messages of inspiration, empowerment, and enlightenment. They will help you sort through thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Each one was created to support me through the lessons I was working through at the time the Enchanted Elemental came to life on paper. Little did I know when I started drawing them so long ago, that I would be offering them to the world so people like you would have them too. My excitement to share them is bursting at the seams! You can learn more about them by clicking here.

How Do I Receive My Word of the Year After I Purchase It?

Your Word of the Year, a message about the Word, and the Enchanted Elemental Card will be delivered to you electronically via email. The physical Enchanted Elemental Card will be sent to you in the mail. It is a beautiful and colorful way for you to have a powerful Word and a powerful guide to keep near that can help you stay in the present and remind you where to focus your energy during the year.

What You'll Receive 

You will receive the Enchanted Elemental Card with your Word, it's meaning, an affirmation, and a question to help guide you along in an electronic format.  You'll also receive an Enchanted Journaling page. The physical Enchanted Elemental Card will be delivered to your home via USPS.

The 2018 Word of the Year with the Enchanted Elementals is only $11

When you purchase your 2018 Word of the Year with the Enchanted Elementals you will receive:

  • An electronic Enchanted Elemental Card with your special Word and its meaning as well as an affirmation and a question that will keep you focused throughout the year, sent via email within 48 hours of purchase.
  • The physical Enchanted Elemental Card that I choose for you, mailed to your home via USPS.
  • A journal page for you to use to get to know the Enchanted Elemental and your Word (delivered electronically via email).

Get your's today! 

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