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The basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features.


Discover what Enchanted Elemental is standing with you now. This drawing is specific to you and will show you where your dominant energy is right now.  It's likely that you're not aware of this energy and you haven't allowed it to influence your decisions in a conscious way.  Once you become aware of the energy and integrate it in to your conscious mind, you'll begin to see things in a new light, make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good which will then result in a better life experience.

Why an Enchanted Elemental?

An Enchanted Elemental will bring about an awareness and will reflect to you your ability to live life to its fullest. It is a portal to your imagination that allows you to see things you haven't seen before.  As you explore and connect with your Enchanted Elemental, you'll find your own unique process of self discovery. Think of the Enchanted Elemental as a conductor who will amplify your inner voice. 

It's not what you are looking at that matters,
but what it is you see and feel.

The written message that is included with your Enchanted Essence Portrait is just the starting point as it goes much deeper than the words on the page. Don't underestimate the power that the Enchanted Elemental's message yields. If you are willing, you will feel empowered to make new decisions and take creative actions.

What's included

You will receive an 8.5 x 11 drawing and an in-depth reading on who the Enchanted Elemental is, what their essence is, and how they can assist you now that they have arrived.  You'll also receive key words and key statements that are part of the reading, along with journal prompts to help you integrate the information easily.  

The essence of your Enchanted Elemental will provide you with inspiration, guidance, and focus.

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Meet Robin Carlton - Creator of the Enchanted Elementals

Robin is the artist and the intuitive behind the Enchanted Elementals.  She's been drawing them since 2007, and has been their steward ever since.  Robin allows the essence of the Enchanted Elementals to come forward through her using a pencil and paper.  She started drawing the Enchanted Elementals as doodles initially.  One day she showed her sketchbook to a few friends and they couldn't believe what they saw.  Her friends encouraged her to draw more of them and to share them with others.  Shortly thereafter, Robin was given their collective name, the Enchanted Elementals. Over the years Robin has drawn 400+ Enchanted Elementals and has documented their names, essences, and the messages they wish to share.  She has created three decks of cards, jewelry featuring the Enchanted Elementals, original wood art, and many custom Enchanted Essence Portraits. 

What is the process to create an Enchanted Essence Portrait

Robin will request that you provide your birthdate as this helps her to tap in to your essence to call forward the Enchanted Elemental who is waiting to work with you.  She sits down with a blank piece of paper and draws as she is guided by the pencil.  Often times she can draw an Enchanted Elemental in one sitting and other times it takes her a few weeks to get one out on paper.  While Robin is working on the Enchanted Elemental, she takes notes as she receives information while she is creating.  Usually the name and essence will be disclosed once she is finished with the drawing.  This is when she sits down and puts the reading on paper.  Once the reading is complete, Robin will package your Enchanted Elemental and send it to you via USPS.

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How long does it take to create my Enchanted Essence Portrait?

Your Enchanted Essence Portrait will be delivered to you no later than 4 weeks from your order date. 

Do I receive the original drawing?

Yes, you will receive the original 8.5 x 11 drawing along with your written reading and journal prompts. 




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