Who Are the Enchanted Elementals

The Enchanted Elementals are beautiful, colorful intuitive drawings by Robin Carlton.  Robin is the steward and messenger for these amazing beings.  The Enchanted Elementals empower you to make changes where needed, support the development of your inner dialogue and your interactions with others to being about a more conscious response to life. They are simple, yet they hold profound realizations of truth.  The Enchanted Elementals encourage you to deepen your awareness and your ability to allow your spirit to live fully.  They are portals to your imagination that help you to think openly and feel differently about yourself, and to act in new ways.  The Enchanted Elementals encourage you to make better decisions and to take creative action.  All you need to do is ask for guidance and the Enchanted Elemental will be there for you. Just listen.

What We Do

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What hasn't been said is that a picture can reach depths that words cannot and there are aspects of you that collect this energy, integrating it into your being, ready to access it when you are ready and willing. 

Each Enchanted Elemental comes here with a purpose, an Essence that awakens parts of you that are dormant.  Not every Enchanted Elemental is for every person. but every person has an Enchanted Elemental ready to assist them.  Some of the Enchanted Elementals are here for the overall well-being of the human spirit.  These are the one's you'll see me sharing with all of you.  They hold an Essence that is needed now to assist you in many ways.  You'll know when it's time for you to experience a particular Essence as one or more of the Enchanted Elementals will be a magnet to you.  You won't be able to take your eyes off the Enchanted Elemental and sometimes, it won't take it's eyes off of you!

The other end of the spectrum is the Enchanted Elementals who appear specifically as an aspect of you. You may have one or many unique aspects that want to come alive through an Enchanted Elemental.  You'll know when it's time to request one.

It's important to recognize that the Enchanted Elementals are here to awaken your inner voice. They are guides, teachers, and facilitators. They are true friends. 

Open your mind, rev up your imagination and allow Enchanted Elementals to show you how to live an Enchanted Life.  Once you do, you'll be transformed forever.

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