Why Use Affirmations?

Affirmations can be an incredibly powerful way to use self-talk, to turn around negative internal messages, and to stay focused.

You can use affirmations to encourage positive change in your life, boost your self esteem and to motivate yourself.  If you find yourself getting caught up in negative self-talk, affirmations can be used to combat these often subconscious patterns and replace them with postiive self-talk to move you in to a happier, more intentional space. 

Who Are the Enchanted Elementals?

The Enchanted Elementals are beautiful, colorful intuitive drawings by Robin Carlton. The Enchanted Elementals empower you to make changes where needed, support the development of your inner dialogue and your interactions with others to being about a more conscious response to life. They are simple, yet they hold profound realizations of truth.  The Enchanted Elementals encourage you to deepen your awareness and your ability to allow your spirit to live fully.  They are portals to your imagination that help you to think openly and feel differently about yourself, and to act in new ways.  The Enchanted Elementals encourage you to make better decisions and to take creative action.  All you need to do is ask for guidance and the Enchanted Elemental will be there for you. Just listen.

The Enchanted Affirmation Card Deck

The Enchanted Affirmation card deck contains 53 cards to empower and inspire you in every area of your life.Pick a card every morning and use it as your mantra for the day.  Pick a card when you are working through a situation and use it as insight in to what will help you to work through it.  You can use these cards any time you need to have a fresh outlook or when you need a pick me up.  The Enchanted Elementals are always there when you need them.

What's Included with your Deck Purchase?

We're all about giving you more resources to support you!

Of course, your deck of cards will be delivered to your mailbox (Free Shipping).  ;)

In addition, you're going to receive:

  • Weekly videos for you to get to know each card a little better.  There is so much more to know about these affirmations and the Enchanted Elementals,  so we want to be sure you get more details so you can get the most out of the cards.  COMING SOON
  • Journal Pages to download.  Journaling can be an insightful experience if you're willing to play along.
  • Access to our special place where the videos and the journal pages are accessible any time you need them.  

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