Are You Hiding Your True Self?

When I first began to draw the Enchanted Elementals all of them had masks. Looking back on this I realized that I was feeling quite a bit of fear around what I was doing and who I was becoming.

It felt as though the masks allowed me to create without having to expose all the parts. I really thought at one time that I could not draw an eye to save my life. It seems that the masks helped me work through that fear in a safe environment without having to fully realize not only my potential, but the full power that was beginning to appear on the pages before me.

Masks allow us to hide out just enough to stay safe. The only exposure we have behind a mask is our eyes. The reason we are comfortable with showing just our eyes is because they are the doorway to our soul and our soul knows no fear.

Our soul steps out first to be seen and allows us the time and space to become comfortable before fully showing our true self.

The Enchanted Elementals reflect back to us our unconscious beliefs and...

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