Patience and Timing – Two Key Elements of Evolution

Have you noticed that there are times when things seem to move really slow and at times it can be so frustrating? I’ve been patiently working through so many things the last few years and what I have found is that the more patient I have become, the easier it has been to move through the experiences I am having.

There are so many layers to our Being and it requires us to move through them in a way that we are able to soak up what it is we needed from the experience, without rushing through it too quickly. And you know what happens when we don’t get the experience…that’s right, it happens all over again. Sigh. Talk about moving slowly– having it happen all over again is more frustrating than just allowing myself to be with whatever it is that needs to show itself to me.

I recently had an experience where I attended a “mystery” class as this Spiritual teacher called it. It was something new she was trying out for the first time. I went to the...

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Are You Waiting Around for the “Right” Time?

This is a message given to me by Kylinne who is pictured here.  I thought this message was meant for just one person but I’ve realized that it’s meant for you too if you’ve found yourself feeling stuck, frustrated or lost.

You have all the tools you need and you mustn’t waste any more time. You are spending way too much time feeling sorry for yourself. It’s time to stand up and be who you are and stop hiding.  

The excuse you're giving yourself is just one more hiccup you’ve created to postpone your duty and work.  You cannot wait any longer – take the leap of faith knowing that we are here to protect you and to catch you if you fall.  

You cannot fail, it’s impossible.  

You are running out of excuses and it’s time to just let go of all the preconceived notions you have about any of it.  Just listen and do as we ask and follow your inner guidance as it knows all.  

You cannot fail –...

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