Changing Your Perspective - Healing Through Awareness

It’s amazing what can happen when we choose to look at a situation, a person or an issue from a different perspective.

Here’s an example: You’re driving home from work. You notice here is a car that is speeding and whipping in and out of lanes. Your first thought is “what a jerk, some people just have no patience and are idiots.”

Now, let’s look at this person’s actions from a different perspective.

  • Maybe they have to go to the bathroom and are trying to get to a place to stop before they potty in their pants.
  • What if they are late to work and was told if they are late one more time, they will lose their job.
  • Could they be rushing home to a scared or sick child.
  • It could be that they're on the way to the emergency room with a sick person in the car.

Now, when you look at this same situation from four other points of view, doesn’t it change how you feel about the person in the car? I’m sure at least one of these...

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