Today is a New Day

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Raython appeared to me back in 2010 and gave me a beautiful message that is applicable to so many people who are living in the energy of regret.

I was once that person, always wondering if I would have done this or that differently would I be happier, wealthier, thinner and so on.  It was draining and unproductive. 

I know this message will touch many of you as it did me.  If you heed her advice you will see a dramatic improvement in every aspect of your life.  I sure have.  It has impacted me and my actions more than I can express in words.

Raython's Message

There are no mistakes, only paths taken.  We make choices and those choices take us on our journey.  You cannot turn back, only move forward knowing it's okay and everything will turn out for the best.  Today is a new day and everything else is in the past.  Accept it, embrace it, and make a new path. 

Would of...

Could have...

Should of...

...will not change anything, they will only cause doubt and frustration.  Know in your heart that some day you will look back at this and see it as the gift that it is. 

Don't look for the imperfections as you'll waste a lifetime searching and no value will become of your search. Instead,  look for the beauty and when you do you'll find more than you ever expected.

My Request to You

Take some time today to think about how your past choices have impacted your life today. 

Do you live in regret wishing you had done something differently or do you see each experience as the gift it is?  When you live in the energy of regret, you re-create the experience over and over, keeping it alive, feeling the pain and disappointment once again. 

Starting today, remember that it is a new day and new choices can be made.  You'll begin to feel the shift immediately and over time you will feel lighter and  happier. 

I'd love to hear from you - leave a comment on my Facebook Page and tell me how Raython's message has impacted you.  If you need a little more support keep revisiting this page and look into Raython's eyes and remember that today is indeed a new day.

Have an enchanted day today!