Start Where You Are

There is something freeing about this statement - "Start where you are."  Do you find yourself overwhelmed about this or that and can't seem to get started? 

I found myself here in the place.  In fact, I've been in this place for much longer than I'd like to admit.  Years.  It can be incredibly frustrating to know you want to create this thing but not knowing where to start.  This feeling comes up around vacations, careers, relationships, business, projects, and I've even encountered it with meal planning! 

So not too long ago, I heard, "Start where you are."  Now, I know I'd heard or read this somewhere before, but on this day, the bells started chiming.  So what does this mean?

Starting where you are means looking at what you've got right in front of you, right now.  Here's an example:

You want to create a meal plan that is healthier, to include more vegetables. You are overwhelmed because there is so many recipes in your recipe books and you don't know which ones  you should choose.  

The solution?  

What do you currently make or have you made in the past that is healthier?  Write those down.  You probably have more than you think you do. So how many do you have?  Three?  Five?  Now, that feels better, yes?  Next, to fill in on the days you need to find a meal, pick one recipe book and find a few recipes.   Do this so you can have seven lunch or dinners planned.

See, starting with what you already had allowed you to lessen the overwhelm and get it done. You can apply this to any area of your life.  Just give it a try.