Patience and Timing – Two Key Elements of Evolution

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Have you noticed that there are times when things seem to move really slow and at times it can be so frustrating? I’ve been patiently working through so many things the last few years and what I have found is that the more patient I have become, the easier it has been to move through the experiences I am having.

There are so many layers to our Being and it requires us to move through them in a way that we are able to soak up what it is we needed from the experience, without rushing through it too quickly. And you know what happens when we don’t get the experience…that’s right, it happens all over again. Sigh. Talk about moving slowly– having it happen all over again is more frustrating than just allowing myself to be with whatever it is that needs to show itself to me.

I recently had an experience where I attended a “mystery” class as this Spiritual teacher called it. It was something new she was trying out for the first time. I went to the class with an open mind, no expectations and just allowed myself to be in the moment while attending the class. Now, this is a huge evolution for me just in itself. I’m usually trying to figure things out by paying more attention to the experience others are having rather than being there just for me (this is a whole other story). This time was different. Why? You’ll see in just a bit.

During the three hours that the class was in session, I realized that the stories being told were kind of my stories too. Maybe not exactly like mine. but eerily similar, so I just allowed myself to listen and allowed things to evolve from what I was hearing and feeling. When I got home that night I was thinking it was a great class and I was happy I went. Nothing happened that caused me to have an “aha” moment so I didn’t think much more about it and went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning I realized that the class was more powerful than I realized, or could have even imagined. I had a dream that night that addressed some issues that were buried deep inside of me. The dream allowed me to work through the issue and to have closure that has allowed me to clear out some gunky issues. The most interesting part of this is that one, I didn’t know the issue existed for me and second, I had no idea it could be that simple to just work through it in my sleep and wake up feeling clear and clean and done with it.

So why am I telling you this story and what has it got to do with Devmal?

After this class I realized that when Devmal appears she has something very important to say that will facilitate an evolution within.

I also realized that you’ve got to allow her to speak and you’ve got to be willing to listen.

She’s been on paper and in my book of originals for the last few years just waiting until the time was right for me to be willing to listen to her speak again. The last time I sat and listened to her was when I was drawing her. I wasn’t quite ready to hear what she had to say at the time so she just sat back waiting, quietly and patiently.

Several weeks before I attended this class I had placed Devmal in my office right above my head where I sit at my desk. Every time I walked in to my office I saw her. Her large blue eyes staring into my eyes. That is one of the most beautiful things about the Enchanted Elementals. They give you what you are ready for and what you are willing to accept, all the while waiting for you to find the space within yourself to work with them on a higher level.

Devmal knew that the “mystery” class would help me so she guided me to its availability. The facilitator announced on Facebook that she was having the class in two days and said that there was very limited space due to the type of class it was. She asked that you email her assistant to get on the list and it was a first come first in situation. This teacher has a huge following and it only took a short amount of time until the class was full with a long waiting list for cancelations.

I got in. This, my friends is what I call serendipity. And, this was the first class that I had attended with this teacher because I didn’t think I needed the kind of healing work she does….silly me.

So, in closing, here’s what I learned from Devmal:

  1. Patience is super important to the evolution of Self.
  2. When it’s time, the teacher will appear right on schedule.
  3. Be willing to have new experiences with no expectations on the outcome and no judgment of what it looks like.
  4. Start paying attention to the signs that are right in front of you.
  5. There are hundreds of Enchanted Elementals that are just waiting for me to really listen to them so I can share their stories with you.

What is Devmal saying to you?

Take as much time as you need. Don’t rush it. I know she has something to share with you. Just allow yourself to hear her.