Finding Your Way - Your Purpose, Your Passion, Your Potential

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Have you found your purpose?  Starcell joins us here to help spark your purpose and illuminate your path.

If you're like me,  you've probably been on a search to finding your way.  Trying to figure out your purpose, or maybe trying figuring out what to do with your purpose. 

I've spent the last 15 years trying so desperately to to find my way, to figure out my purpose, to find fulfillment in my work.  When I review the past 15 years I see the path I took, although long and sometimes heart wrenching, was necessary for me to be here today writing this article.  There is not enough time or space today to give you specific details of my journey, but I can tell you that in this past year I've made incredible progress and for the first time in so many years, I can wholeheartedly tell you that I am happy, whole and inspired. 

I want to tell you that the gift that has so generously been bestowed upon me is to serve as the steward for the Enchanted Elementals.  It is an instrumental aspect of my purpose.  My purpose, my passion, and my potential in this lifetime, is to help facilitate your journey to finding your way.  So, today I would like to share a few things with you that I've found to be important aspects of figuring "it" out. 

I hope that you too will find a knowing of clarity and a deep sense of "it" as you read through these seven truths that lie before you.

  1. You find "it" to be fascinating; you can't learn enough about "it"; you can't get enough of "it".
  2. When you speak about "it" your light shines so bright people notice.
  3. You find joy in "it".
  4. You constantly think about "it", what "it" can do and/or what you can do with "it".
  5. You're passionate about "it", almost obsessed, but in a fabulous way.
  6. You've tried to ignore "it", forget about "it", put "it" away in a box, but "it" just won't stay hidden.
  7. Deep down you know "it" is it, even while you doubt it could be possible.

What is your "it"? 

Allow "it" to come forward and show itself to you.  Take some time and write down these seven truths on a piece of paper and ask yourself what "it" is for each one. 

I recommend that you write down your answers and take some time to contemplate "it".  Don't worry about the how for now - just be with your "it" for a while.  Allow yourself time to integrate "it" into your consciousness.  Allow it time to germinate so "it" can begin to grow.   

Doing this one exercise will bring you awareness, clarity and inspiration. Even if you already know what your "it" is, do the exercise anyway, because you'll feel a deeper level of knowing, which will spark a flame you've not felt before.  

Starcell joins us here as she is the Enchanted Elemental who carries the essence of finding your way.  She will help you spark that purpose and assist you in grounding "it" here in this physical plane.  She's a great journal buddy too because her flames will fan your flame and illuminate the path before you.