Clarity Will Set You Free

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It’s difficult for us to pursue our dreams when we lack clarity around the very things that we want and need. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that don’t feel very good at all. The feelings can range from confusion, despair, frustration, anxiety, shame, fear and lack.

Lack of clarity can also produce feelings of restlessness, boredom, laziness, tiredness, sadness and many more icky feelings. We may feel just one or all of them at the same time. Uggh! Does this sound familiar to you?

The importance of the eye came to me early in my discovery of the Enchanted Elementals as the eyes are a fundamental part of them. There is an old saying that says the eyes are the doors to the soul and it’s true.

When was the last time you looked into your own eyes? I mean really, really looked at them.

What did you see? The color? The shape? Take a few moments right now and look in the mirror. Study your eyes.

What do you see?

How do you feel about what you see?

What thoughts come to mind?

How does this make you feel?

As you experience various moods, go to the mirror and look into your eyes. How are they different from the last time you really looked at them? Notice if there are subtle or significant changes, depending upon your mood, whether you are happy, sad, frustrated, excited.

Keep a journal and write down what you see. Start looking into the eyes of others. What do you see? How does it feel to look into another’s eyes? What information comes to you? Interesting isn’t it?

The Eye of Clarity will help you see things clearly. It will bring your attention to a place that will help you to find clarity on the subject you wish to pursue.

The Eye of Clarity will reflect back to you what’s already inside of you longing to come out. It will help you to crawl out of the confusion and find purpose in your life. It will guide you to take action that will build momentum.

The Eye of Clarity wants to help you feel better. Turn confusion into clarity, despair into excitement, frustration into fun, anxiety into abundance, shame inside out, fear into desire, and lack into love.

Oh, and those nasty little feelings called restlessness, boredom, laziness, tiredness and sadness – they will soon be a memory of past ick.

Clarity provides the path to freedom and happiness. Now go look in the mirror!