How to Find Your Connection to Crystals

Did you know that you already use crystals in ordinary ways? They are found in watches, microchips for your computer, lasers, and minerals are the basis for many medicines. Crystals are known by many names, crystals, stones, gemstones, minerals, and rocks.

Crystals generate, conserve, radiate, and amplify energy. Energy amplification is why we feel so good when we hold a crystal that is in tune with our own vibration. They are not a new age fad. Texts and graves show the Babylonians and Egyptians used crystals for specific healing, protective and manifestation properties. They are a gift from Mother Earth whose wisdom has been forming for millions of years.

Crystals work with us because they have a subtle electromagnetic field as does our bodies. This allows energy to be transferred between the two. You absorb beneficial energies from crystals and they can repel negative energies. For this reason, crystals make excellent healing tools. Often times we tend to place a great emphasis on “proven” methods by the science community. And although science has discovered that crystals are powerful, I’m asking you to enter in to a world of all possibilities where your imagination is the only limitation you have when working with crystals.

Crystals are living beings that carry unlimited wisdom, healing abilities and guidance if you are willing to listen and work with them. Crystals can be used for healing, self-discovery and to create a deeper connection with spirit. They are powerful tools we can use to connect to our inner guidance and are amazing teachers, if we are willing. When you being working with crystals remember that people’s experiences vary greatly, just as our experiences in life itself vary.

When you start working with a crystal, you’ll need to have an open mind to the many possibilities of how you’ll connect to it. When I initially became aware of crystals, I’d pick one up and expect to have tingles, get the goose bumps or have some amazing insight take place. Guess what? That didn’t happen for me. I would get discouraged because I would hear others go on and on about how this or that happened when they touched a specific crystal. So I decided that I just wasn’t connected to crystals so I’d just use them for decoration. I’d buy them if I thought they were pretty and place them on a table or shelf in my home and at work on my desk. What I didn’t know was that those crystals worked with me although I was completely unaware of it. It wasn’t until years later that I realized we are all connected to crystals and that connection can show up in many different forms.

I have found that when you have a connection to a crystal it can be as simple as falling in love with its beauty. In fact, I suspect that is the first phase for many people, which explains why we have such an attraction to diamonds, rubies, emeralds and such. As time went on and I learned more about crystals, my connections have grown and my use of them grows. I know this will be true for you too, if you choose.

To help you work with crystals in a more impactful way, I’ve listed out a few tips here for you to use when working with crystals that should help you get started on an amazing journey of insight, enlightenment and healing.

Set an Intention

I realized that intention was my missing piece to connecting with the crystals. So rather than expecting another person’s experience, I set the intention that I would be open to whatever happens. If nothing happened, I was okay with that because I have learned that when you think nothing is happening, something is happening on some level that you're not necessarily aware of at the moment.

Be Present

Listen to your inner voice (intuition) intently without any expectations. Pay attention to any images, feelings, emotions, or body sensations you may get. They are clues to your connection to the crystal.

Suspend All Judgment

When you suspend judgment and haven't any preconceptions of what is supposed to happen, it will allow you to have a much better experience. You could get an image in your mind of a cotton ball, which could have meaning to you, but if you blow it off as no big deal or think it’s kind of weird, you could be missing out on a key piece of guidance the crystal is giving to you.

Keep Trying

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to create conscious space for the connection between you and the crystal. Sometimes we get in our own way with beliefs, expectations and allowing our logical mind to interfere. Be patient with yourself. And remember, some crystals just aren’t for you and don’t be surprised if you get a feeling that it isn’t for you. Just put it down and move on. Another super important thing to remember when working with crystals is that sometimes you don’t need to be aware of a conscious connection at all. Just being drawn to a crystal and having it in your space is enough to do what needs to be done at that time. Have you ever bought a book at the bookstore, took it home, and placed it on your bookshelf only to pick it up months or years later, wondering why you never read it? And at that moment you realize you’ve got to read it now? You bought it because you where drawn to it for some reason, but you didn’t actually need to read it until much later. The same principle works with crystals too. Sometimes we just need it in our space for it to assist us. You’ll find that you’re desire to do more work with it will may appear in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a new outlook on those crystals you already have and will see them in a different light when you are out and about.