Creative Ways to Use Card Decks in Your Business

card decks

Card decks are so popular and rightly so.  Card decks are fun, pretty, portable and useful.  There are so many things you can do with card decks.  They are relatively inexpensive to create (depending on how intricate you want to get) and they are easy to use. 

Here are just a few examples of how you might use a deck of cards in your business. 


As a photographer you may have photos that have deep meaning for you and you'd like to share them as an inspirational deck.

Yoga/Meditation Facilitator 

You could create a meditation deck of cards using the card as the focal point for a meditation.


If you have a book you've published, an accompanying deck of cards could be a great addition.


You have a program you've created and a card deck would add value for your clients while going through your program to reinforce the process. 


Having your own deck of cards to use with your clients would be amazing.  You could also create a class or workshop and teach people how to use the cards and your techniques. 

Retreat/Event Facilitator 

If you offer retreat programs, you could create a deck of cards specifically for the retreat attendees as a gift or as part of the program. 

There are endless ideas on how a deck of cards could add value and fun to your business! 

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