Perfectionism – It’s an Illusion

Trying to be perfect is futile.

How have you tried to be perfect?

As we strive for perfectionism we lose out on so much.

How often have you quit because it wasn’t perfect?

What is perfection?  Is it possible?

How many situations were not perfect but in the end it turned out to be best?

Perfectionism is an illusion that can never become reality – as there is no such thing as perfect.  Ever.

What if you could just allow yourself to be with it?  Just continue on to see what happens?

What if you kept going?

Can you allow it to unfold?

What if you stopped looking for perfection?  What if you opened your mind and let it go,  let it flow?

What we consider imperfections are beautiful creations.

What if imperfection was perfection?

Just remove the judgments and go with the flow.

The more uncomfortable you are the more imperfect you are becoming and this is where the magic happens.

As we expect perfection in others and ourselves we will continue to be...

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Are You Waiting Around for the “Right” Time?

This is a message given to me by Kylinne who is pictured here.  I thought this message was meant for just one person but I’ve realized that it’s meant for you too if you’ve found yourself feeling stuck, frustrated or lost.

You have all the tools you need and you mustn’t waste any more time. You are spending way too much time feeling sorry for yourself. It’s time to stand up and be who you are and stop hiding.  

The excuse you're giving yourself is just one more hiccup you’ve created to postpone your duty and work.  You cannot wait any longer – take the leap of faith knowing that we are here to protect you and to catch you if you fall.  

You cannot fail, it’s impossible.  

You are running out of excuses and it’s time to just let go of all the preconceived notions you have about any of it.  Just listen and do as we ask and follow your inner guidance as it knows all.  

You cannot fail –...

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Changing Your Perspective - Healing Through Awareness

It’s amazing what can happen when we choose to look at a situation, a person or an issue from a different perspective.

Here’s an example: You’re driving home from work. You notice here is a car that is speeding and whipping in and out of lanes. Your first thought is “what a jerk, some people just have no patience and are idiots.”

Now, let’s look at this person’s actions from a different perspective.

  • Maybe they have to go to the bathroom and are trying to get to a place to stop before they potty in their pants.
  • What if they are late to work and was told if they are late one more time, they will lose their job.
  • Could they be rushing home to a scared or sick child.
  • It could be that they're on the way to the emergency room with a sick person in the car.

Now, when you look at this same situation from four other points of view, doesn’t it change how you feel about the person in the car? I’m sure at least one of these...

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