Ladies Healing Day

Ladies Healing Day is where you can experience healing, insight, inspiration, empowerment, and rejuvenation.  We have a live event each year in Phoenix, but you can join us online for the rest of the year and receive resources and insights.

We believe Ladies Healing Day happens more than once a year, so we'll be sending you resources and insights you can use throughout the year for healing, wellness, personal development, and so much more! 

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What is Ladies Healing Day?

Ladies Healing Day is an annual event held in Phoenix, Arizona and facilitated by Robin Carlton since 2014. This is a ladies only event (girls 10 and older). All practitioners and attendees are women and this creates a special environment of like-minded women who want to experience a relaxing day to nourish their mind, body, and soul.

What is Offered at Ladies Healing Day?

We have so many amazing things to offer you on Ladies Healing Day.

  • 35 women practitioners offering services & products around mind, body, and spirit. (see list of vendors below)
  • Mini-Sessions with energy healers, body workers, angel practitioners, psychic mediums, and many more.
  • Mini-Classes that will empower and inspire you. (See class schedule below)
  • Shopping! You'll find unique items for yourself and possibly that special gift you've been looking for.

What's Included with Your Ticket?

Tickets are $10 per person.  Purchase your ticket at the door when you arrive.

Your ticket includes:

  • Access to all of the mini-classes offered on the day of the event.
  • Meet 35 practitioners who offer services & products for your mind, body, and soul.
  • Mini-sessions with special pricing.  Each practitioner will set their own fee for their services. This is the perfect way to find out if the service is right for you without having to book a full session and/or travel to their office.
  • All day access to the event.  You can come and go as you please.
  • A chance to win a fabulous door prizes.  We'll have door prize drawings all day long for some pretty cool stuff.  
  • Although we have sold out our gift bags we will have a mini-gift bag available for all tickets purchased at the door - this is brand new this year! 

Who'll Be Here

As we approach the 2020 date we'll list our vendors.

Robin Carlton - Enchanted Elementals

Robin is the owner/facilitator of Ladies Healing Day.  She is also the artist & intuitive behind the Enchanted Elementals. You will find beautiful wood drawings, pendants, and the Enchanted Elemental Deck of cards at her table.

"From the moment I walk into the event the relaxing and very positive energy of the space I feel so tranquil. I have been told that when I am there I have a glow around me! Whether I am enjoying a service, attending one of the informative seminars or even just visiting and getting to know the wonderful vendors. Seeing old friends or making new friends and spending time with them is fantastic. It is something I do for me away from and worries or cares of the day. I love going to Ladies Healing Day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤"


"Amazing event. The energy was beautiful. Thank you. I can't for the next one. "


"This was a wonderful event. "


"I always look forward to this event, as it heals me mentally, physically and emotionally. "

"I have met wonderful ladies and been exposed to superior products and modalities that I would have never been exposed to without this magnificent event!"

"I always look forward to Ladies Healing Day. It is a wonderful event and provides me with healing and compassion for myself. It is one of the events that helps me with my own self care."

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