Saturday, October 16, 2021

Ladies Healing Day is where you experience healing, insight, inspiration, empowerment, and rejuvenation. 

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Ladies Healing Day is an annual event held in Phoenix, Arizona and facilitated by Robin Carlton. This is a ladies only event ( 10 and older). All practitioners and attendees are women and this creates a special environment of like-minded women who want to experience a relaxing day to nourish their mind, body, and soul.

What is Offered at Ladies Healing Day?

We have so many amazing things to offer you at Ladies Healing Day.

  • 40 women practitioners offering services & products around mind, body, and spirit. (see list of vendors below)
  • Mini-Sessions with energy healers, body workers, angel practitioners, psychic mediums, and many more.
  • 12 Mini-Classes that will empower and inspire you. (See class schedule below)
  • Shopping! You'll find unique items for yourself and possibly that special gift you've been looking for.

What's Included with Your Ticket?

Tickets are $10 per person. 

Your ticket includes:

  • Access to all of the mini-classes offered on the day of the event.
  • Meet 40 practitioners who offer services & products for your mind, body, and soul.
  • Mini-sessions with special pricing. Each practitioner will set their own fee for their services. This is the perfect way to find out if the service is right for you without having to book a full session and/or travel to their office.
  • All day access to the event.  You can come and go as you please.
  • A chance to win a fabulous door prizes.  We'll have door prize drawings all day long for some pretty cool stuff.  
  • First 150 tickets sold get an awesome gift bag.

Tickets go on sale September 2021


Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak

The Palacio

7677 N. 16th Street Phoenix AZ 85020

Free Parking

Ladies Healing Day Practitioners

Here's a list of who you can find at Ladies Healing Day in 2021

Your Host

Robin is the owner and facilitator of Ladies Healing Day.  She is the creator of the Enchanted Elementals and the founder of Ladies Healing and the Ladies Healing HUB. 


Intuitive aromatherapy sessions using aromatherapy, channeling, and counseling to find the source of an issue and begin to treat it with essential oil anointments, reiki, and recommendations for continuing essential oil usage and other recommendation to support you.  Katie is offering a complimentary 10 minute session or a 25 minute session for $35.

Unique Gift Items

You will find crystal lamps, various unique crystal items, and sacred geometry pendants.

Nail Art

Color Street—inspired by New York’s “City That Never Sleeps” nonstop energy and wildly colorful fusion of cultures—offers a vast array of colors and nail art design These stunning nail polish strips keep their good looks up to 10 days, and they’re easy to remove with any nail polish remover.

Coming Soon!

Neurological Assessments

Dr. Lina is part of a neurologically based chiropractic office focusing on family care, pregnant moms & kiddos. She'll be offering complimentary neurological assessments to determine how much dysfunction is in your spine.


A Tarot Reading provides a method for meditation, reflection, contemplation, problem analysis, brainstorming, decision clarification, stimulation of intuition, self-understanding, spiritual growth, and divination. Martha's sessions are $30 for 15 minutes and $55 for 30 minutes.

Essentials for Living in Balance

Helping you find healing balance through natural essential products such as lava beads, smudge supplies, oil diffusers, & Chi enhancing devices.

Essentials Oils & Hydrosols

Be Kind Botanicals is a small batch artisan essential oil company that tests every batch for purity. Owned and operated by a Registered Aromatherapist, Lola strives to help others build meaningful connections to the oils and plants they come from.

Books & Mini-Session

Lori will be selling her paranormal murder mysteries, including The Ancient Ones series: The Ancient Ones, Caves of the Watchers, and Whispers Among the Ruins—only $10 each. Lori will also offer past life readings 20 min. for $30 or get a free 10 min. reading when you purchase a book.


Andrea channels Mother Mary and Your Best and Highest to assist with Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Healing. She will clear your aura, balance Your chakras and channel messages from your Angels while working in your chakras. We can help you let go of your past and shift you forward. Mini-Sessions are 30 minutes for $65.


Erin is a Sole Coach/Intuitive bodyworker, specializing in toe readings, reflexology, reiki, auriculotherapy, massage, cranial/sacral, & polarity therapy. Erin will be offering 15 minute Toe Readings for $25.


Suzanne will offer Intuitive Reiki w/ Cranialsacral mini-sessions. She also carries a selection of accupressure rings crystal facial rollers, jade eye masks, crystal powered turkey smudging feathers & pens , shells, sage and salves. Suzanne's sessions are $20 for 15 minutes  and $30 for 20 minutes.


With trance healing, Tarah holds an energetic space for spirit to come through to perform healings on you. Tarah is also a reiki master and will offer reiki as needed.


Debbie will be offering channeled angel readings, Zibu temporary henna tattoos infused with healing energies, and a full-line of Zibu merchandise. Debbie's book about Zibu Angelic Symbols, and a deck of Zibu affirmation cards along with  hand-crafted jewelry incorporating Zibu Angelic Symbols.


A soul contract reading is like decoding the spiritual map of your life,  so you can align with and manifest your soul purpose, enabling you to: understand and work through your karma, express your talents, manifest your goals, engage with your deepest soul/life purpose, and understand and create better relationships. Cheryl will be offering  a mini-session as a "Taster Soul Contract Readings" for $15.00 for 15 minutes. You will be able to book for a full reading at a later date.


Mary will be offering Aura and Chakra Photos and Reports with Intuitive analysis. Her system allows you to see your chakras spinning in real time. You can see your entire energy field, your aura and your chakras as Mary intuitively analyzes your entire energy field. Photos with analysis is $30. Full 15 page report with  photos and intuitive analysis is $50. 

Intuitive Jewelry & Art

Tara infuses the guidance from Spirit and her love for Creative Flow together to create jewelry that is not only beautiful to the eye but Spiritually vibrational. She allows her love for nature, color and her trendy chic style inspire her.


Taylor inspires others to take better care of themselves; create delicious, healthy food; and connect with their inherent, joy, vitality, health, and happiness.  Taylor will have her Raw Food Recipe book and some samples of a raw food treat.  She'll also be offering Holy Fire Reiki mini-sessions for $25.


Sandra works with specialized CBD product lines for pain, sleep and stress to assure you are matched to the right product to address your issue. Sandra will be offering mini-sessions for CBD in Sound, a new experimental delivery means, which will be available for sampling using headphones and anti-gravity chairs.

Coming Soon

Crystals & More

Maryann will have an assortment of beautiful crystals, crystal jewelry, orgonites, dragons, skulls, faerie gardens, angels, oracle cards, essential oil spays and roll-ons, crystal grids and more.


Halo’s will be offering people and animal  readings with Brenda Cubra. Bring in a picture of your furry friend if you'd like an animal reading. Julia will be offering chakra balancing, aura cleansing and sound healing, $22 for 22 minutes. Readings with Brenda are $15 for 15 minutes.


Neal's Yard Remedies is the leading natural and organic skincare brand in the UK. Jane will be showcasing and sampling their new line for sensitive skin, and the award-winning, multi-purpose Wild Rose Beauty Balm.

Coming Soon!


Maia and Heather's approach honors the interconnection and expression of your mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul. They value the body's innate wisdom whose intelligence seeks to return us to balance. Maia and Heather specialize in supporting the softening and release of both unprocessed emotions and trauma held in the body through bodywork, energy work and conscious communication. Each session and modalities used are personalized to match your unique needs. 30 minute sessions $40 with one practitioner and 30 minute sessions with both practitioners working on you at the same time for $70.


Holistic Artichoke is nutritional & wellness coaching that fits your lifestyle.  When you choose a holistic lifestyle, you feel great physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  That’s because a holistic approach works with the whole person. Coaching sessions will help you to connect with your body and get in touch with a confidence in your own ability to make healthy, wellness-based decisions.  Sue will be offering a complimentary mini- evaluation of your nutrition, fitness and goals.


Laurel Lee is a former clinical trauma therapist, Reiki Master, and Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer. Her most recent book, The Giving Stump, is a quirky look at society's fundamentally flawed view of relationships, generosity, blind forgiveness, and unconditional love. Surprisingly, spiritually minded and very loving women are at higher risk for covert mental abuse. Laurel's intuitive sessions offer insight, clarity and practical steps to identify potential manipulation and abuse patterns to help transform your life to a whole new level. 15 minute sessions $20 & 30 minutes for $30.


Affirmation Tools & Mini-Session

Erin and Robin sell a variety of affirmation products, sprays, feathers, jewelry, bath products, kits, jewelry, crystals, and pendulums. Erin will also be offering readings.


Psychic Amanda Marquez provides Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Channeling, and Ascension Coaching to individuals going through the Spiritual Awakening process.


Darlene will be offering Flower Reiki sessions that include a reading. You will select a fresh flower from the bouquet. As you lay down on the massage table, Darlene will tap into your energy. By using the energy of the fresh flowers, she will bring in the energy that is needed/felt with the flower of that energy. As the session is completed, Darlene will share what flowers were brought in and the energy/message of the flowers. She will also share any other messages that come through. This is a very relaxing healing sessions, while providing you insight on your energy. 15 minutes for $25.


Details coming soon!


Details coming soon!


Melanie will be offering Oracle Card Mini Readings. In this 15-20 min session, using Angel Card messages, you will explore what lies beyond the surface of your life. You will uncover deep unknown things that energetically hold you back. Get information on how to clear out what no longer serves you and see the guide posts that lead you to your highest potential. Receive the answers you have been searching for and be guided to the best next steps to take for a more fulfilling life.  $25


Vivian will offer 3 different mini-sessions you can choose from. Crystal Pyramid Sound Aura Clearing - Vivian uses two powerful crystal instruments above the Crown chakra to caliber and refresh body, mind, and spirit.  Soul Language Readings - they provide wisdom, higher spiritual guidance, and self-awareness of one's soul fulfillment. Universal White Time Healing - Ancient Universal Healing Art. The healing goes through two major meridian points in the body and is infused with a tube of pure light. It creates instant healing, opening of the Aura and balance the client's bio-field.  15 minutes for $30.


Lori helps ladies Ditch Their Bras!  She will offer complimentary fittings for ladies who want a healthy, comfortable way to support their breasts.


We'll be featuring our Soul Stirs™ which are a beautiful and unique way to open up your Chakra system by infusing your drinks with the power of crystals. Each stirrer has a Chakra symbol design for the top and is filled with polished, natural crystals that work to clear and balance that specific Chakra.  We will also have Sacred Geometry jewelry, water bottles, and crystal pens. 


Ginger's psychic reading is about you, your past, what is currently going on in your life and a look at what the future could hold for you with the choices that you make for the future based on the information that spirit shows you.


Siddiqah is the owner of Awaken One Home Remedies, LLC. Our Herbs, Loose leaf, spices, and natural home remedies are organic, chemical-free, and non-GMO. Herbs aid in boosting the immune system, relieve common cold symptoms, relieve headaches, pain, fatigue, insomnia, allergies, urinary tract infections, arthritis and so much more. 


This year we have 12 mini-classes at Ladies Healing Day! We have two classrooms that will run all day long. Below you will find the list of classes, locations, and time. These are all included with your ticket.

9:30 - 10:15 Classroom A

Hydrosols – The Therapeutic Waters of Alchemy with Lola King

In this informative class, Lola will talk about what hydrosols are, how they are created and what you can use them for.  She’ll have several in the classroom for you to sample and will explain each one’s properties and how you can use them.

10:00 - 10:45 Classroom Loft

Flower Energy and Incorporating the Energy of Flowers with Darlene Reyer

You will learn about the energy of the flowers and how to incorporate this energy into your life.

10:30 - 11:15 Classroom A

Spiritual Guidance from Your Angels with Debbie Z

Learn how to use Zibu Angelic Symbols to receive guidance and encouragement from the angels.  Awaken more fully to feel their presence and hear their messages.

11:15 - 12:00 Classroom Loft

Connecting with the Faerie Realm with Erin O.

Who are the faeries, what are they here to teach us, and how can we work with them to create a healthier planet?

11:30 - 12:15  Classroom A

The Sacred Art of Anointing with Katie Shell

Essential oils can greatly support our physical bodies, beyond that when we take the time to anoint ourselves with intention working with them becomes a sacred art and spiritual practice, unlocking layers of knowledge within ourselves. In this workshop we will go through the process of choosing the oils in which to anoint ourselves, and how to create our own rituals to use them to further deepen our connection to body and spirit. Personal rituals can be in the length or frequency that calls to us the clearest, and allow us to nurture ourselves.

12:15 - 1:00  Classroom Loft

Love Ya Self with Spencer Carlton

This class is all about learning to love yourself and getting comfy in your own skin! I have seen so many people speak negative things to themselves especially about their bodies, the way they look, and constantly comparing themselves to other people! This class is here to empower you to be comfy in your own skin through fitness, health and your overall wellbeing! This class will be chalk full of tips to be comfy in your own skin, help you learn to love yourself, and remind you of all the awesome things you bring to the table creating confidence from the inside out!

12:30 - 1:15  Classroom A

Taking Flight Through Your Dreams with Lori Hines

Think dreams are merely an imprint of our daily lives and subconscious? That our sleep experiences are an integrated palette of worries, hopes and desires? They can also take us to a higher spiritual level! In this workshop, Lori will discuss ‘traveling,’ past lives, communicating with the deceased and helping them pass on, types of prophetic dreams, connecting with your spirit guides, improving awareness in dreams, and ways to improve dream recall.




1:15 - 2:00  Classroom Loft

Body Movement for Freedom with Heather & Maia

Join Heather and Maia of Free to be Healed as they guide you through fun and unique body movements to clear your energy and connect to your WHOLE self. We aim to create a fun and sacred space to nurture and celebrate our beautiful selves in commUNITY.  What to expect: Specific energetic body movements paired with sound that increase energy flow, enhance health and awaken our spirit with  AND  Space to be in your own organic experience of being, feeling and expressing YOU -- however that feels best. We invite you to move, groove or to be still-- to feel into and just be you!

1:30 - 2:15  Classroom A

Wise Woman Activation with Sandra Hickman

Vibrational science, subconscious programming and positive intentions come together in this unique "Guided Medication".  Audio medicine informs your cells to activate.  Activated cells align biophysically and bioenergetically in sacred formation.  Intentional suggestions enfold subconscious emotions, memories and programs bringing to your conscious awareness the exact information you need to shift into your wisest self.  Momentum carries you from the session into your week feeling enlightened, reassured, grounded and enlisted into a new way of being.  Join Sandra Hickman, The Audio Medic as she shares medicine delivered in sound, a unique sound healing method using exact vibrational signatures of homeopathic and other remedies which target self healing at physical and emotional levels.  See her at her booth to experience a semi-private complementary session of CBD in Sound, supporting her research towards a PhD in Natural Medicine.


2:30 - 3:15  Classroom A


To Come!

3:00 - 4ish  Classroom Loft

Intuitive Art Mini Class Hosted by Tara Marie Jack

Tara is  so exited to share with you a fun way to explore intuition & creativity to create a fun and full of color art tile. Creativity is a way to step out of the ego and tap right into your heart & higher self. In this 45-minute workshop, Tara will guide you to tap into your intuition using bold and colorful alcohol inks that creates images that are reflected to you through your heart. 

The best part about this technique is that if you are an avid artist or if you are beginner; this technique takes no practice. It is allowing, surrendering and trusting the process of creativity to complete our masterpiece. I will also be discussing colors and their meanings in our lives. All supplies will be available. Only thing needed is you. Space is extremely limited.

3:30 - 4:15  Classroom A

Learn to easily spot narcissistic abuse (aka: covert mental abuse) in romantic relationships with Laurel Lee

You will learn the four trauma-responses to abuse: fight, flight, fawn, or freeze, and how these "hard-wired" human responses could be contributing to potential relationship challenges today. You will enjoy a light-hearted self-exploration journey and be given practical tools to include on your respective soul-healing journeys.



"From the moment I walk into the event the relaxing and very positive energy of the space I feel so tranquil. I have been told that when I am there I have a glow around me! Whether I am enjoying a service, attending one of the informative seminars or even just visiting and getting to know the wonderful vendors. Seeing old friends or making new friends and spending time with them is fantastic. It is something I do for me away from and worries or cares of the day. I love going to Ladies Healing Day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤"


"Amazing event. The energy was beautiful. Thank you. I can't for the next one. "


"This was a wonderful event. "


"I always look forward to this event, as it heals me mentally, physically and emotionally. "

"I have met wonderful ladies and been exposed to superior products and modalities that I would have never been exposed to without this magnificent event!"

"I always look forward to Ladies Healing Day. It is a wonderful event and provides me with healing and compassion for myself. It is one of the events that helps me with my own self care."

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